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Six Brothers Foodstuff Co, Ltd has been an anchor of the international seafood industry for 25 years. Situated on United Arab Emirates North Coast, Six Brothers Foodstuff Co, Ltd. is renowned for its high quality seafood products. It抯 a pride to be a major seafood supplier to 4 / 5 star hotels, caterers, Airlines which ultimately reflects their willingness and trust in our product and service.

From raw material to processing plant and on through Packaging to distribution, we have strict control on the whole operation as the whole process is carried strictly by our Food awareness / Hygiene control trained workers.



Our Products






Fish Fillets / Smoked






P&D / P&DT Shrimps




Headless Shrimps


+971 6 533 9644



Did you know?



HACCP Approved

Int'l Leading Company

EU Approved

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